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Faith Adjacent (The Series)

Whether it’s a pop culture phenomenon, an idea, a shift, art or a moment in time, Faith Adjacent (The Series) is a limited series about deep-diving the oceans of pop culture and scripture from the perspective of the everyday Bible scholar and discovering along the way our own modern extra-biblical sources.

We talk a lot about scripture on Faith Adjacent (The Podcast), but there’s so much we can learn when we push past the bounds of that and investigate further. This is really just a series about spiritual archeology or sending up our faith antennae to see if we can get reception in unlikely places.

We’ve explored hit Broadway musicals and talked about Christian Twitter, Purity Culture, concept albums, and even Bachelor Nation. Listen as we unpack moments and movements in popular culture, seeking to better understand them as we work out our own faith.

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Faith Adjacent: Thanksgiving

November 22, 2020

Pull up a chair and settle into a tryptophan fever-dream as we feast on the faith adjacency of the Thanksgiving meal. We’re covering a cornucopia…

Faith Adjacent: Mister Rogers

October 18, 2020

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, won’t you join us as Host Erin Moon studies the life of the beloved Mister Rogers?

Faith Adjacent: Purity Culture

September 20, 2020

Go on a spiritual archeology dig through the Purity Culture movement. What does the Bible say about sex and purity? Let’s get busy and uncover…

Faith Adjacent: Hamilton

August 23, 2020

Erin won’t be satisfied until she’s completely sucked the absolute marrow out of the pop culture juggernaut and worldwide musical sensation, Hamilton.