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Faith Adjacent (The Series)

Whether it’s a pop culture phenomenon, an idea, a shift, art or a moment in time, Faith Adjacent (The Series) is a limited series about deep-diving the oceans of pop culture and scripture from the perspective of the everyday Bible scholar and discovering along the way our own modern extra-biblical sources.

We talk a lot about scripture on Faith Adjacent (The Podcast), but there’s so much we can learn when we push past the bounds of that and investigate further. This is really just a series about spiritual archeology or sending up our faith antennae to see if we can get reception in unlikely places.

We’ve explored hit Broadway musicals and talked about Christian Twitter, Purity Culture, concept albums, and even Bachelor Nation. Listen as we unpack moments and movements in popular culture, seeking to better understand them as we work out our own faith.

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Faith Adjacent: Beth Allison Barr

June 17, 2022

In this very special episode, we invite you to listen along to our Faith Adjacent Book Club with Beth Allison Barr!

Faith Adjacent: Archaeology Corner

September 26, 2021

This month we’re taking you behind the scenes into Faith Adjacent Seminary to hear a very special conversation from our Faith Adjacent Book Club on…

Faith Adjacent: The British Royal Family

August 29, 2021

Grab your scepter and put on your crown as we go pinkies up to talk about the faith adjacency of the British Royal Family.

Faith Adjacent: The Olympics

July 25, 2021

Step up to the starting line and get ready to go for gold because in this Faith Adjacent episode we’re deep-diving the Olympics.

Faith Adjacent: Breakfast Foods

May 30, 2021

Hold the milk, put back the sugar as we dive into the spiritual history of the most important meal of the day, Breakfast.

Faith Adjacent: The Enneagram

March 28, 2021

We're diving into our most requested faith adjacent topic, the Enneagram! Is this personality test essential for self-discovery? Is this a cult with Satanic roots?…

Faith Adjacent: Extraterrestrials

February 28, 2021

Erin Moon invites us to beam our antennas into outer space as we talk about extraterrestrials.

Faith Adjacent: Bachelor Nation

January 31, 2021

Host Erin Moon embarks on our most dramatic episode yet to explore the faith adjacency of Bachelor Nation. Is The Bachelor a show that’s here…

Lil’ Faith Adjacent: Santa Claus

December 21, 2020

Grab some hot chocolate, snuggle up in your favorite pjs, and join us for this extra special Lil Faith Adjacent where we chat with our…

Faith Adjacent: Santa Claus

December 20, 2020

We're walking right down Santa Claus Lane to chat about that jolly old elf: Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, Santa Claus. We separate man from myth…