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Favored Or Forsaken

These episodes are a roundtable / panel-like discussion on what’s most popping off in the realm of religious news and current events.

From QAnon, to Jerry Falwell Jr, all the way to Worship Music and Hobby Lobby, these episodes aim to take an objective approach to whether or not different aspects of Modern Christianity are more favored or forsaken.

And then, each episode wraps up with a curated list of the most favored things we’ve read, watched, seen, or listened in hopes of only recommending the best and most favored for our listeners.

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Favored or Forsaken: QAnon / The Passion 2

October 4, 2020

Let's venture into the conspiracy theory dark side to shed some light on QAnon. What is QAnon and how is it mixing and mingling with…

Favored or Forsaken: Jerry Falwell / Christian Schools

September 6, 2020

This episode features long-awaited conversations about Jerry Falwell Jr. and a series of his decisions. Then, we discuss the bigger concept of Christian Colleges.

Favored or Forsaken

August 9, 2020

In this INAUGURAL episode, we discuss Eric Metaxas and his tweet about “White Jesus”, as well as peek behind the curtain to reveal the real…