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Season 9, Episode 1: Jonah and the Whale

April 5, 2020

Let's chat about Jonah, the King of Biblical Turnarounds and survivor of an unfortunate fish swallowing. This epic maritime tale is one full of pivots,…

Season 9, Episode 2: Philip and the Eunuch

April 19, 2020

Philip the Evangelist, a true master of the pivot. Philip crashes a magic show, baptizes a eunuch, and gets whisked away by the Holy Spirit…

Season 9, Episode 3: The Tower of Babel

May 3, 2020

We're talking about that Jenga tower to the heavens, The Tower of Babel. This one event made the entire world pivot toward different languages, but…

Season 9, Episode 4: Constantine

May 17, 2020

We’re covering our first ever non-Bible story! Join us as we dive into a historical account of the ancient events of the Roman Empire and…

Season 9, Episode 5: Josiah

May 31, 2020

We’re talking about Josiah, the teenage Old Testament king. When a simple temple remodel turns into a discovery that rattles the religious foundation of a…

Season 9, Episode 6: Zaccheus

June 14, 2020

In this episode, we cover the story of Zaccheus. Talk about a pivot. How does a much hated tax collector turn it all around? It…