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Season 14, Episode 10: Noah

April 29, 2022

Get ready to send out some ravens because in this episode we’re talking about Noah.

Season 14, Episode 1: Lazarus

July 11, 2021

In this resurrection amuse-bouche of a story, we revisit some familiar characters, explore Jewish burial practices, and how to contain your eye-rolling when your rabbi…


November 17, 2022

In this latest episode, Knox and Jamie, along with Resident Bible Scholar Erin Moon, are talking all about Joshua (or Moses 2: Electric Boogaloo). Throughout…

Jairus's Daughter and The Bleeding Woman

January 19, 2023

In this latest episode, we’re covering TWO miracles performed by Jesus!

Season 14, Episode 2: Jael

August 8, 2021

This week we deep-dive our most requested biblical character, the tent-maker turned tent-murderer Jael.

Season 14, Episode 3: Gideon

September 5, 2021

Knox and Jamie deep dive the greatest judge in Israel’s history, Gideon. Was Gideon a military super force or simply a willing vessel? Find out…


October 8, 2021

Brace yourself because in this episode we’re covering the entire book of Job.

Season 14, Episode 6: Joseph

December 3, 2021

All your dreams are about to come true because in this episode we’re talking about one of the hottest people in the Bible: Joseph.


March 4, 2022

Prepare yourself for some Old Testament trash talk, because we’re deep-diving Elijah.

Temptation of Christ

February 4, 2022

Get ready for the ultimate Jesus juke because in this episode we’re talking about Jesus in the wilderness.