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Season 10, Episode 1: Peter

August 2, 2020

In this episode, Peter, one of Jesus’ inner circle, takes a leap of faith off the side of a boat and learns he can walk…

Season 10, Episode 2: Thomas

August 16, 2020

Next up is the infamous doubter and inspector of nail holes, Thomas. This guy gets a bad rap for asking follow-up questions, but is he…

Season 10, Episode 3: Mary Magdalene

August 30, 2020

We’re talking about Mary Magdalene. There’s a missing body, a resurrected Lord in disguise and a beef between disciples, but that’s not all.

Season 10, Episode 4: Nicodemus

September 13, 2020

Arriving by night cloaked, curious, and questioning, it’s Nicodemus. Nicodemus learns the art of reconsideration and teaches us it’s ok to change your mind.

Season 10, Episode 5: Judas

September 27, 2020

Next up is he who betrayed Jesus, that infamous traitor and untrustworthy money manager, Judas. This guy serves up some hall of fame villain vibes,…

Season 10, Episode 6: John

October 11, 2020

Son of Thunder, Beloved One, the Disciple Jesus Loved - we could dedicate this episode just to nicknames. Instead let's chat about his biggest adventure…