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The Swipe Up by Erin Moon

Favored By: Jamie

September 8, 2022

Jamie Says

Specifically check out a series of four that Erin did on why she is affirming. What is great it not just what Erin write, but also what is happening in the comments. It is a very impressive series.


The Swipe Up was born from the annoyance in not being able to share links easily on Instagram. It has since transformed to the internet equivalent to finding a bonus fry in your Chick-fil-a bag, realizing you have a few bucks left on an old Starbucks card, or canceled plans that result in pajama pants and ice cream on your couch. It has been hyperbolically called the best newsletter on the internet, usually by my mom. If you are a reader of The Swipe Up, you are automatically a Lil Swipe. That’s just how this works.

It’s written by Erin Moon, who is writing this bio, but also wants to be a professional, so she’ll do it in the third person and you’ll pretend to think someone else wrote it for her. Erin has been referred to as spiritual seven-layer dip. She’s not sure it was meant as a compliment, but she’s taking it as one. She spins many plates and thinks a lot about which ones she should drop so her kids don’t have to go to TOO much therapy. They will definitely have to go to therapy.

Every week, Erin sends out an email called Lil Treasures, and then collectively, everyone in the comments shares their lil treasures for the week, thus creating a weekly repository of good things, both on the internet and in real life. Some commentators have been around a long time, and some are new. Some people lurk and that’s okay too. But Lil Treasures is where we share all our favorites and happies, so we don’t drown in the dark abyss of the world’s climate (both metaphorical and literal). We also share turds, because we don’t photoshop grief here.