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The Anti-Racism Journal

by Faitth Brooks

Favored By: Jamie

August 19, 2022

Jamie Says

It asks you to look at things like how you were raised, where you went to school, and so many other things that help you see how your think about a wide range of issues. This is a very helpful tool to move from a conditional ally to an unconditional ally.


Anti-racist activist Faitth Brooks developed this revolutionary guided journal to help you commit to the cause and become an authentic ally. With this book you can work from the inside out as you unpack your own biases and shortcomings, work through the influence of interlocking systems of oppression, and figure out how to use your privilege for good.

Within these pages you’ll find hard questions about race and the space for you to answer without judgment so you can examine, process, and grow in your anti-racist journey at your own pace. Each chapter starts with insightful anecdotes from Faitth’s lived experiences to frame the themes you will explore through prompts designed to help you work through each concept.

This journal invites you to look at your upbringing and how it shaped you, investigate your fears in doing the work of anti-racism, learn how to practice humility when you make mistakes as well as engage with the history of racism and its legacy through homework curated to help further your understanding of each chapter’s issues. By the end, you will be able to take inventory of your strengths and figure out how you can help make the world more just. In working through this journal, you can become a better ally one question at a time.