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Peace is a Practice

by Morgan Harper Nichols

Favored By: Jamie

February 18, 2022

Jamie Says

It is kind of like a peace guidebook. If you find it difficult to ask for help or avoid conflict, this is for you!


When you breathe in all the grace available to you and release everything that is outside of your control, you'll discover peace that surpasses your circumstances. All it takes is practice.

If you feel overwhelmed with anxiety about the future, you're far from alone. For many of us, when we're not worrying about what is to come, we find ourselves wrestling with things from the past. Where does that leave us today?

Morgan Harper Nichols has learned the answer to this question. She has examined stories from her own life and the lives of people around the world and noticed a common thread: we all long for peace. We're all seeking light and life. But these things don't happen passively. Peace Is a Practice invites you to become a peacemaker in your own life, starting right where you are, and in some of the most unexpected places. As these words and images inspire you to take daily steps toward peace, you'll uncover the key to:

-Embracing the beauty of the present
-Letting go of regret of the past and fear of the future
-Developing a path toward meaning and authenticity
-Approaching life's challenges with faith and a calm confidence
-Feeling peace even in the midst of uncertainty or difficult times

In every moment, there is something as deep and boundless as a winding river waiting to be found--a true peace that flows, beckoning you to rest . . . and be still.