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Kevin Wilson @crossculturechristian

Erin Says

I am just in love with him in a sisterly, christ-like way. If you are going through deconstruction or looking for someone with different perspectives then this is a great source.


From Kevin's Website: "I was born in Sri Lanka, moved to the Sultanate of Oman when I was 12, and have lived in Maryland, Lebanon, Michigan, and California.
Over the past 30 years, I’ve picked up 3.5 languages and have traveled to 13 countries

Currently, I’m a youth and young adult pastor at the Oceanside SDA Church attempting to help my tribe think meaningfully about their lives so they can live their lives meaningfully.

I also try to do this on TikTok and Instagram through storytelling.

My multi-cultural upbringing has instilled me this deep belief that people cannot be reduced to a sum of body parts, a few sentences on a social media post, nor a set of labels.

I believe people are stories, created in the image of God with a capacity for love and to love."

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