Faith Adjacent Artists

James Graves

"I build geometric illustrations and design layouts based on my passion for Jesus’s counterintuitive love/solutions, the art of simplifying details, and all things nostalgia!"

Dylan Dawkins

Art is one of my most meaningful hobbies. Though I love digital painting, I also make art with technology (sensors, microcontrollers, AR/VR., and machine learning). Biblical characters are often portrayed as white or white-passing, so it was cool to imagine/portray Solomon as someone else. Solomon also often had his own desires overshadow those of God (like building a temple but making his own palace even larger). I included imagery of a solar eclipse because I think it captures that idea so well."


"I'm directly inspired by the stained glass in St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery, NY. I grew up Catholic in the Philippines, and I associate stained glass to spirituality/Christianity/faith. I am used to seeing traditional Eurocentric interpretations of Bible character on stained glass (mostly old white male figures). Seeing the stained glass in St. Mark inspired me to start making art expressing stories of spirituality outside that box. Spirituality can be abstract, it can come in a wide range of colors and shapes."

The Modern Saints

"Ancient icons of saints portray everyone as old, white, expressionless, and hard to tell apart. I believe these pieces of Church imagery can turn modern-thinking people away from the influences of the saints, and even the Church itself. My goal was to re-imagine these extraordinary people as modern, everyday humans... because that is exactly what they were, and they remind us of ourselves. They show us that we can all be saints just like them." On Gracie's website you can find prints, stickers, and prayer cards amongst other things! She also has a quiz to find your perfect patron saint.

Stay at Home Artist

"I'm a fiber artist working with mostly embroidery and mixed media pieces. I named my business Stay At Home Artist mainly because I'm a stay at home mother. Being a wife and mother are two of the most important jobs I feel God has blessed me with, so my business name is a reminder to never forget those parts of myself." Jaycee has embroidery subscription, kits, and pdf patterns on her website. She also has the funniest reels on Instagram that you NEED to watch.

Sara Dixon

"The art around us shapes our lives. I love making things that accompany you through your days. The pair of earrings you wear on holidays. The linocut that has seen you cook a hundred meals or watched you vacuum up after a party. The nativity and advent calendar you pull out each year. These pieces have seen your children grow up and you get wiser. They’ve been good friends to you in the brightest seasons, the saddest days, and the mundane in between them all. I believe small moments should be celebrated and that there is wonder all around us. Those things drive me to make art that will live with you." Sara specializes in ceramics, printmaking, and wood-burning.